English as a Second Language

El Zócalo delivers ESL classes in the communities of Southwest Little Rock and Jacksonville.  Through a dynamic, interactive and culturally sensitive approach, students learn vocabulary needed for life in Arkansas.

Life Skills

El Zocalo delivers life skills workshops and mini-courses empowering immigrants with practical information and tools for life in the U.S. with the themes of Financial Literacy, Parenting & Family Literacy, Job Skills, Health Literacy, and Civics.  Our original and dynamic curricular approach E.S.L. – English & Skills for Life integrates ESL instruction into practical life skills lessons that are place-based and equip participants with referrals and information on services specific to out community.


El Zócalo also educates the non-immigrant Central Arkansas community about immigration issues. Our members and volunteers speak at churches and other meeting places.  We have organized film screenings and artist events that display the untold stories of immigrants and international marginalized communities. If you would like to invite us to speak at your event, please email us at

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