Staff and Board

 Staff & Team

Kelsey Lam is the Director of El Zócalo.  She has work experience providing educational and bilingual programming in the local public schools.  She formerly worked with indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Douglas Ponce is the Financial Literacy Coordinator with El Zocalo.  He is originally from El Salvador and has worked with Central American non-profits for over 30 years.

Liz De Jong is the lead ESL teacher and coordinates educational programming.  She studied ESL and previously taught English to refugees.

Laura Mendiola is the Life Coach and Emotional Health Program Coordinator.  She trained as a social worker in Mexico.


Our Board of Directors is comprised of Benjamin Hardy,  Edma Delgado, Forrest Goss, Manuela Giraldo Jimenez, Rachel Townsend, Leslie Adkins, Grace Waddell and Sarah Donaghy.


Our current interns are Diana Hernandez, Kaylah Charles, Dylan Wright, Rosalinda Roper, Emily Harris, and Brittany Chue.

Founding Team Member

We also want to recognize Sara Mullally Broussard co-founded El Zocalo in 2011 and served the organization as a dedicated volunteer and director through 2015.  She previously served in Casa Marianella immigrant shelter in Austin, TX and taught Spanish in the North Little Rock School District.